Efficient cryo em grid storage. Personalized.


Colorized for better contrast in liquid nitrogen

Easy handling for clipped and unclipped grids through our cross shaped chamber design

Higher storage capacity and through this cheaper

Other grids are shielded during insertion

Color Schemes

All colors offered have been tested for maximum contrast

Thought about different colored grid boxes for different projects?

Want another one? Tell us your favorite colors!

Match Your Style And Let Us Help You

Want to have your own grid box design? Different colors?

Want to implement special features such as aluminium cores or antistatic properties? 

Want to have a well plate insert from a current paper
or anything custom you want to have for your lab?

We are happy to help.

More Advantages


Our grid boxes have been tested for over 4 years in crucial lab environments


Our grid boxes have a biodegradable core and thus help minimize the impact of plastic on the environment

No switching between grid boxes

One style fits all: our MGB-101 grid boxes safely hold both unclipped and clipped grids

No need to remove the lid

Isn't it a nuisance to have to remove the lid all the time and screw it back in place again when you're finished? It also increases the danger of icing. We use a transparent lid which lets you see how many grids are in the box, and it's slotted so doesn't need to be removed

Better contrast

For optimal visibility of your grids, we improved the contrast through coloration for the use in liquid nitrogen


Our design is long - lasting thanks to our special polymers and our processing

Easy handling

Once our customers try them out, they usually don't switch back - see for yourself!

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Tweezer Friendly

Trouble getting the grids out with broader tweezer tips? Not anymore. Our unique design allows you to pick up or place the grids with any state-of-the-art tweezer

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Gentle to your lamellae

As the grid is held only at the edges, lamellae of FIB-milled grids are not at risk to break in comparison to other grid box designs

Choose even more comfort

Looking for easier handling and a better workflow?
Get to know our other products!

Turning Tool

Of course you can open and close our grid boxes with a tweezer but this Turning Tool makes the handling much easier. To get you started we provide a free Turning Tool with each of the first two orders of 20 grid boxes.


Our CryoNest sorting box streamlines the process of transferring grids between up to four grid boxes, enhancing organization in your liquid nitrogen storage.